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Peru Travel is the Peru Department from Responsible Travel Tour Operadora Cia. Ltda., a specialist for travel in Peru, Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. To ensure you expectations of Peru are fulfilled, Responsible Travel has formed a specialized department for customized travel services to meet your every want and desire on Peru. From national flights in Peru to transfers in and out, Hotel stays to round trips throughout the whole country, we will help you fulfill your dreams, leave everyday life behind, and provide you with exceptional service for your personalized adventure here on the equator.

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Minimizing the environmental impact by Carbon Offset:

We offset all the carbon dioxide emissions produced by our company daily work and furthermore provide all travelers with the possibility to carbon neutral their trip with local reforestation projects.

Travel is one of the polluters and generators of carbon dioxide and airplane travel in particular is a principle contributor of greenhouse gases. Therefore Responsible Travel wishes to offset the pollution produced during these travels by supporting extensive reforestation. These reforestation projects in Ecuador 'sequester' or remove, carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Reforestation projects capture CO2 and store it in the trees' mass and in the soil and thus play a vital role in absorbing emissions. This activity, over time, will help remove carbon dioxide from the air, and thus contribute to the cleaning of our atmosphere.

Generate benefits for local people: by employing local people throughout the whole process from staff members of the agency over drivers and guides to local hotel and lodge employees we make sure that traveling with Responsible Travel generates economic benefits for local people and enhances the well being of host communities. We improve working conditions and make positive contributions to the cultural heritage embracing diversity e.g. by supporting and promoting projects like Qhapaq √Ďan and encouraging respect and understanding between tourists and local people.

Respecting and benefiting local people and the environment during the travel allows the traveler to win deeper insights in the culture and nature and sometimes even friends on the other side of the globe.

Still, sometimes your own effort applying the rules of responsible tourism is just not enough. That's why we decided to do even more and support ecological and social projects all over the country, thus helping to ensure that not only you can enjoy the wonderful nature and fantastic cultures of Ecuador, but your grandchildren too.

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Fundacion Amazonica Productiva: Is an Ecuadorian organization whose purpose is to undertake projects in the field of sustainable development like CO2 capture and storage, the conservation of natural resources of Ecuador and the improvement of the situation of rural communities supporting them in becoming self-sufficient, while preserving local cultures and interests of the residents without harming the ecosystem.

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