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A boat trip to Ballestas Islands, a flight over the Nazca Lines, the visit of the Colca Canyon, a boat tour on Lake Titikaka, a tour through the Urubamba Valley plus visits of the most important archaeological sites of Incan Peru including Machu Picchu make this adventure travel a one in a life time experience.


Explore the past of the Pre-Columbian Chachapoyas culture in the north of Peru; visit the amazing archaeological sites which have been recently discovered, while many more still wait to be found by an adventurous archaeologist. These tours take you away off the beaten track and provide you with an amazing combination of archaeology and adventure set in the fantastic nature of Peru’s northern Amazonas Department.




During these expeditions you have the opportunity to explore the lesser known parts of Peru far away off the beaten track. Hike along old Inca paths, passing ancient Inca sites as well as small Andean villages and crossing rivers on traditional suspension bridges. These expeditions are for the adventurous traveler only.


From day tours to 9 day rafting programs, there are several rafting adventures available, all of them providing an unforgettable adventure as well as a different sight from the river on the surrounding nature and cultures.




The Andes of Peru offer endless opportunities to trek along ancient paths through an amazing mountainous nature, with the famous Inca Trail being one of the world’s popular hikes. If you like trekking, nature and adventure these treks are surely just what you are looking for.

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