Peru Climate

Peru is located in the equatorial area of South America and can be divided into three main climatic zones: the tropical Amazon jungle to the east; the arid coastal desert to the west; and the Andean mountains and highlands in the middle of the country, all with particular climate characteristics.
The coast presents, in general, a tempered climate, warm in the north, a little colder to the center and south. The rains are almost nonexistent to exception of the north area where strong rains are presented in the months of summer.

The Andean area or mountain has in general a cold and dry climate, in the north area the rains are more intense. From June to August is the dry season in the mountains and Altiplano (Andean plateau) being often sunny during the day but cold at night.

The Amazon area or jungle has a tropical, hot and humid climate with the driest months there being from June to September.

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